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Fiber Optic Splice Dome Closure 144Core/PLC Splitter

144 fiber Dome type Splice Closure 5 holes
  • 144 fiber Dome type Splice Closure 5 holes
  • 144 fiber Dome type Splice Closure 5 holes
  • 144 fiber Dome type Splice Closure 5 holes
  • 144 fiber Dome type Splice Closure 5 holes
  • 144 fiber Dome type Splice Closure 5 holes
  • 144 fiber Dome type Splice Closure 5 holes
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GJS-SPM005 Dome style fiber splices

The fiber splice closure is applicable to termination of branching downstream optical cable in PON optical communication network. Over FTTX network fiber splice closure is used for end A/B access of optical cable ,splicing of low-capacity single-fiber,lead-out and fixation of multi-fiber access cables。

Technical specifications

Compliance with YD 814.1-2004 and YD 814.2-2005

 Physical performance

l  Complete bend radius control, the bend radius >30mm

l  Flammability: GB5169.7 Experiment A

l  Ambient condition

l  Operating temperature: -40℃~+65 ℃ 

l  Relative humidity: ≦ 85% (+30℃)

l  Atmospheric pressure: 70~106kP        

l  Storage temperature:-25℃~+60 ℃

l  Voltage Strength: under 15KV direct current, without breakdown or flashover phenomenon.

l  Insulation Resistance: ≥2×104MΩ 

l  Tensile Force: ≥800N 

l  Leakproofness: inflate the closure, making internal pressure to 100Kpa,then put the closure into the water over 15min, without any bubbles or pressure drop happened.

l  Impact Strength: can bear 16N.m.after 3 impact times; there is no crack on the body. 



l  Installation modes: overhead-mounted,burry-mounted,wall-mounted,pole-mounted,manhole-mounted;

l  Aging-resistant plastic ,and corrosion-resistant metalworking subassemblies

l  The body adopts modified PP, which is high strength and corrosion resistance, has longer lifetime and excellent sealing performance.

l  It has 5 cable ports in total, 8Φ17.5mm round cable ports, and 1 oval port Φ10-17mm cable

l  Fast and easy sealing of closure body and optical cable openings

l  Perfect optical route design to ensure bend radius of fibers ,large fiber storage area

l  Optical splice tray ,applicable to ribbon and bundle cable, random configuration under the maximum capacity

l  Large storage space for splice tray with greater than 90°overturn angel,easy for maintenance and expansion

l  Configurable with grounding device and valve

l  Service life not less than 20 years

l  IP degree:IP68


l  Size DxH: Ф210mmx475mm

l  Weight: 4.2-4.8Kg 

l  Oval port diameter: Φ10-17mm; round port diameter: Φ8-17.5mm

l  Max capacity: 144cores, 6pcs 24c splice tray.

l  Assembled with valve core and grounding device.

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Packing List:

Dome closure: 1set

Hanging set: 1set (optional: pole mounting, wall mounting or aerial)

Heat shrinkable tube: 2~144pcs (according to the real capacity of the closure)

Hose clamp13~19: 8pcs

Shrinkable tube65/19-150: 1pc

Shrinkable tube28/6-150:6pc

Manual: 1pc

Certificate of Approval: 1pc

 Ordering information

Product Name

Ordering code



Splice capacity


Cable Inlet



Dome fiber splice closure







54xround for single cable,1xoval for uncut cable

Inlet cable diameter:


Oval port diameter: Φ10-17mm

Splice stry









Subject : Fiber Optic Splice Dome Closure 144Core/PLC Splitter

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