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32/64 core Fiber Access Terminal Modular PLC Splitter

32 fiber termination box
  • 32 fiber termination box
  • 32 fiber termination box
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 Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) – Module Type is suitable for use in the network where optical splitters are distributed. It offers optical cable stripping and a fixing assembly, optical splitter module, splicing module, and storage area, completes the functions of optical cable inlet fixing, fiber splicing and termination, optical splitter installation management, and coiling, storage, fixing, and splicing of single-fiber drop cables, and implements optical splitting and capacity expansion of optical lines


·        Material: nonmetal

·        Integrated optical splitter – Module type

·        Rotary distribution panel

·        Cable management

·        Applicable in multiple cables: drop cable, optical cable

·        Perfect fiber route design to ensure bend radius of fibers

·        Backbone optical cable is tap-off

·        Dust and splash proof: IP55(Outdoor)


·        FTTX Systems

·        PON Networks

·        CATV Links

·        Optical Signal Distribution


Number of PLC splitters: 2

Fiber capacity 8 to 64 fibers

IP rating: IP55

Operating temperature -20°C to + 60ºC

Storage temperature -50°C to + 70ºC

Connector attenuation ≤ 0.35 dB

Return Loss: APC ≥ 60 dB, UPC ≥ 50 dB, PC ≥ 40 dB

Number of termination > 500 times



Dimension (H x W x D mm)

8 Ports/Fibers

200 x 195 x 50

16 Ports/Fibers

350 x 300 x 110

32 Ports/Fibers

445 x 340 x 110

64 Ports/Fibers

445 x 340 x 110

 Ordering Information

FDH with PLC Splitter


Part No.

Fiber Distribution Hub with PLC Splitter Module type


x: Number of splitter inputs

yy: Number of output channels

aa: Number of fibers (8 to 64)

z: Connector surface type (U=UPC, A=APC)

n: Fiber type (A=G657A, D=G652D)


Ordering Sample: KMFDHMS13216SCAD (FDH, with PLC Splitter 1:32, up to 16 ports, SC connector, APC, G652D)

Production Line


Subject : 32/64 core Fiber Access Terminal Modular PLC Splitter

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