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24 cores SC DX Optical Fiber Patch Panel

high-quality cold rolled steel sheet Patch Panel

Optical Fiber Patch Panel
  • Optical Fiber Patch Panel
  • Optical Fiber Patch Panel
  • Optical Fiber Patch Panel
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 Optical Fiber Patch Panel

The optical fiber patch panel is used for termination of backbone optical cables as well as connection to network switching equipment of the Local Area Network (LAN). It is mainly applied to complete the fixationsplice and cabling management of the equipment room, which supports single mode or multimode fiber optics. Mainly used to achieve the connection, distribution and dispatch between the outside optical cable and the optical transmission equipment. The product provides secure, reliable, flexible fiber optic management, widely used in broadband access network project.

Technical data

  1. Operating temperature:-20ºC   +60 ºC
  2. Storage temperature:-20ºC +55 ºC
  3. Storage relative humidity:≤75%
  4. Relative humidity: ≤85%+30 ºC
  5. Atmospheric pressure:70Kpa 106 Kpa


  1.  It made of high-quality cold rolled steel sheet and surface electrostatic spraying.
  2. Drawer type, convenient operation and space-saving;
  3. 19″standard installation.
  4. Perfect design for firm protection of cable termination and optical fiber adapter installation;
  5. Convenient and flexible leading in/out of optic fibers, and sufficient space for coiling optic fibers;
  6. Multiple fixing positions for optic fibers on both sides and the back rear, making the inlet of optic fiber convenient and flexible for peeling protection;
  7. Available in FC –D type adapters respectively.
  8. The max capacity is 24-fiber.


44mm (H) ×482.6mm (W) ×220mm D (Figure 1)




Subject : 24 cores SC DX Optical Fiber Patch Panel

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